Пользовательское соглашение

This document “Website User Agreement” (hereafter referred to as the “Agreement”) constitutes an offer of Individual Entrepreneur (IP) A.V. Palagin posted on website www.dushagreya.ru (hereafter referred to as the “Website”) to enter into an agreement on the terms and conditions provided below:


1.General Provisions


1.1.You hereby confirm that from the moment of signing up on our Website and during the entire period of use of the Website and personalized services on the Website you will be deemed the Website User until you personally apply to the Website administration requesting for cancellation of any relationship with the Website.


1.2.The use of the Website by you in any way and in and form within the framework of its stated functionalities, including:

а) Viewing materials posted on the Website;

  1. b) Signing up for and/or logging in to the Website; and
  2. c) Posting and displaying of any materials on the Website, including but not limited to texts, hypertext links, images, audio and video files, details and/or any other information;

constitutes an agreement under the terms and conditions provided herein pursuant to provisions of Art. 437 and 438 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.


1.3.By using any of the said functionalities of the Website, you represent and warrant that:

а) Before using the Website, you read the full text of the terms and conditions of this Agreement;

  1. b) You accept all the terms and conditions of this Agreement in full without any exceptions and limitations on your side, and that you commit to either abide by them or stop using the Website. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions of this Agreement or if you have no right to enter into the agreement on such terms and conditions, you should immediately stop using the Website in any way;
  2. c) The Agreement (including any of its parts) may be changed by the website without any prior notification. Any revised version of the Agreement comes into effect as soon as it is posted on the Website or brought to attention of the Use in any way convenient to both parties unless otherwise provided in such revised Agreement.


  1. General Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website


2.1.The Website is intended for sale of goods via the web-resource www.dushagreya.ru and associated Website services. 

2.2.Any goods purchased from the Website are delivered as detailed in Part 3 of this Agreement.

2.3.The Website provides access to personalized Website services where the Used can get the most detailed information about products, creation of ratings and opinions, and participation in competitions and any other promotional events held by the Website.

2.4.The User hereby gives his/her voluntary consent to being notified about all activities of the Website, which are related to sales of products and/or rendering of services, including information about order status, and of any other similar activities associated with Website services.  

2.5.Consent to receiving the newsletter:
By signing to SMS or e-mail newsletter sent by www.dushagreya.ru or any other website of any third party authorized to send messages for and on behalf of www.dushagreya.ru  in the Internet, I hereby give my consent to receive newsletter and messages sent to my telephone number or e-mail I provided when signing up for the Website through the newsletter signup service www.dushagreya.ru . I have been informed that if I want to unsubscribe from the newsletter sent by  www.dushagreya.ru , I will need to follow the link “Unsubscribe from the Newsletter” provided in the text of any message sent by info@dushagreya.ru, or to send a notification of my intent to unsubscribe from the newsletter to the addresses specified in section “Contact Details” of this Agreement. I also give my consent to the Website or any third parties authorized to send messages for and on behalf of the Website to collect, store and process any and all personal data provided by me on the Website (including my last name, first name, other names, and e-mail) in order to keep me informed about news and other events on the Website.  
2.6.The User hereby confirms that the Website shall bear no responsibility for any delay, interruption, incorrect or untimely delivery, deletion or loss of integrity of any message. At the same time, the Website reserves the right to re-sent any message if such message has not been received by the User.  
2.7.Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail: info@dushagreya.ru

2.8.The User hereby acknowledges that any description of a product on the Website cannot be deemed exhaustive and may be incorrect to some extent. The User is entitled to send any comments concerning incorrect product description by e-mail: info@dushagreya.ru.

2.9.The User hereby acknowledges that the Website makes adequate efforts to bring product appearance, packaging and characteristics into line with the descriptions provided in the Website catalogue. At the same time, the User should pay attention to the fact that the actual appearance, packaging and characteristics of a product may differ from those on the Website if a respective product range is wide or if any changes are made to such product by the manufacturer.

2.10. The User represents and warrants that he/she has been notified of the fact that prices and information about availability of products may be changes at any time during the day without any prior notification. Actual prices and information about availability of products are provided in the individual status and product flypage in the catalogue on the Website.   

3.Users Obligations with Regard to Use  of the Website


3.1.The User agrees to not use Website services in order to: 

3.1.1.Upload content that is illegal; violates any rights of third parties; advocates violence, cruelty, hatred and/or discrimination by race, nation, sex, religion or social status; contains inaccurate information and/or insults aimed at specific people, organizations or authorities;  

3.1.2.Prompt into illegal actions and aiding people whose actions are aimed at violation of restrictions and prohibitions which are in effect in the Russian Federation;
3.1.3.Violate rights of minors and/or cause harm to minors in any way; 
3.1.4.Infringe rights of minorities; 

3.1.5.Pretend to be another person or a representative of an organization and/or community, including representatives of the Website, without having a right to do so;

3.1.6.Provide misleading information about properties and characteristics of any products available from the Website catalogue, or incorrect comparison of products; and to impose negative attitude toward people who (do not) use some products, or to judge such people;

3.1.7.Upload content which the User has no right to make public in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation or any contractual obligations;

3.1.8.Upload content that touches on and/or contains any patent, trademark, commercial secret, trade name, copyright and neighbouring rights, and any other rights to results of intellectual activity, which are owned or legally used by third parties; 

3.1.9.Upload advertisements which have not been approved specifically, and/or spam; 

3.1.10.Collect and process personal data and information about private life of any person;  
3.1.11.Disrupt normal operation of the Website; and
3.1.12.Violate any Russian or international rules of law.
3.2.The User agrees to not use dirty language, immoral and insulting images, comparisons and expressions, including those with regard to any sex, race, nationality, occupation, social category, age and language of any person, citizen, organization, governmental authority, official national symbols (flags, emblems and hymns), religious symbols and cultural heritage (historical and cultural monuments).

3.3.The User acknowledges and agrees that at its own discretion the Website is entitled (but not obliged) to refuse to post any content and/or to delete any content available via Website service.


4.Confidentiality Policy


4.1.The terms and conditions of the Confidentiality Policy, and the relationship between the User and the Website with regard to personal data processing are governed by Federal Law No.152-FZ of the Russian Federation “On Personal Data” dated 27th July 2006. 

4.2.The Confidentiality Policy covers personal data, which the Website has obtained and/or can obtain from the User when the latter signs up for and/or places an order on the Website, and which are collected by the Website to perform its obligations regarding products/services purchased by the User and to provide access to Website services to the User.  

4.3.The Confidentiality Policy is available here: http://www.dushagreya.ru/page/politika-konfidentsialnosti

5.Terms and Conditions of Purchase and Delivery of Goods


5.1.The User can purchase products from the Website and pay for such products as follows: in cash, with credit card, with WebMoney, by transfer from a mobile phone account, by money transfer under a payment order, or with a gift card.

5.2.The User hereby agrees that a payment option selected by him/her may not be changed if the order has already been placed on the Website;  
5.3.The User hereby agrees that an order paid for with WebMoney or credit card or by transfer from a mobile phone account or under a payment order will be confirmed only when User’s account is debited. 

5.4.The User acknowledges that he/she shall pay for an order with WebMoney or credit card or by transfer from a mobile phone account within 5 calendar days from the moment at which the order is placed. The User agrees that should he/she fail to pay within the said term, the order may be cancelled.  

5.5.Any products purchased from the Website can be delivered as follows: by Website delivery service (courier delivery or delivery to a place of customer pick-up), or postal delivery services EMS Russian Post and Russian Post. The User is entitled to choose any delivery option most convenient to him/her taking into account terms and conditions of delivery to a specific region/country and User’s personal preferences.
5.6.The User agrees that if any order cannot be delivered to him/her at his/her own fault, including User’s failure to meet the term within which the order is to be picked up, such non-delivery will be deemed rejection. At the same time, the order will be returned to the Website, and the order will be cancelled. 
5.7.If the User rejects an order, and if any product ordered by the User is unavailable, any payment transferred into the Website’s account in advance (excluding delivery costs) will be refunded no later than in 10 (ten) calendar days from the moment the respective claim is made.

5.8.Should any questions related to delivery terms and conditions emerge, the User can always contact us by e-mail: info@dushagreya.ru




6.1.Website services may contain links to other web-resources. The ser acknowledges and agrees that the Website shall not be held responsible in any way for accessibility of such resources and their content and for any consequences if use of such resources.
6.2.Furthermore, the User agrees that the Website shall not be held responsible in any way for  personal data provided by the User to any other web-resources and/or third parties the links to which he/she has followed.

6.3.The User confirms that Website bears no responsibility for any possible loss and/or corruption of data, which may result from breach of this Agreement on the side of the User or from incorrect access and/or use of Website personalized services.

6.4.Legal representatives of minors bear full responsibility for any and all actions of such minors, including purchase of products from the Website catalogue. 

6.5.The User agrees that the Website shall not be held responsible for failure to perform and/or improper performance of its obligations on sale and/or delivery of products to the User, which has been caused by inaccurateness and/or falseness of data provided by the User or by breach of the Agreement on the side of the User.   


7.Website Details

Individual Entrepreneur (IP) A.V. Plagin

Taxpayer ID (INN) 772831432832

Principal State Registration Number (OGRN) 312774607201182

E-mail: info@dushagreya.ru.

Date of publication: June 30, 2017


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